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Ink Works


 I consider myself a calligrapher first, painter second. I dabble in ink mostly, complimented with a little watercolor. My goal in this medium is "using the fewest brush strokes to achieve the maximum in image making" in order to convey certain ideas.



Mountains and Clouds
Ink on paper |  16x13"

Four Seasons
Ink on paper |  x"

Trees Bird Sky
Ink on paper |  x"

Two Women Walking
Ink on paper |  x"

Jade Orchid
Ink on Paper  |  10x7"

Tulip Magnolia Collage
Ink on paper |  20x17"

Apple Tree Moon
Ink on paper |  x"

The Great Blue Herons
Ink on paper |  22x17"

Lotus II
Ink on Paper |  13x26"

Small Pleasures
Ink on paper |  17x13"

Drink Wine
Ink on paper |  21x7"

Water Fairies
Ink on paper |  20x17"